The LITTLE Project is being led by the Educate Together National Office in Ireland in partnership with three European partners; the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia; Educational provider Petit Philosophy in Croatia, and the Italian based Education Research organisation, STePs srl.

The project builds upon previous European projects (ETHIKA and Ethos) that focused on supporting the delivery of Ethical Education in primary and pre-primary schools through the development of teaching resources. The LITTLE Project is less about teaching resources and more about building teachers confidence and capacity in relevant pedagogies and methodologies. Key outcomes of the project (2016-2019) will include:

  1. An exciting, engaging and accessible online course in methodologies and pedagogies for teachers of Ethical Education and related disciplines;
  2. A Teacher’s Guide will build upon this course by guiding teachers in creating student and teacher led content in Ethical Education for integrated learning in all curricular areas;
  3. A Policy Paper to raise awareness with policy-makers and decision-makers across Europe of how Ethical Education can contribute to inclusive pluralist societies.

If you are a teacher at primary or post-primary education in Ireland, Slovenia, Italy or Croatia and would like to get involved in piloting some of our resources please get in touch through the contact page.

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