Educate Together, Ireland (Lead Partner)

Established in 1978, Educate Together is the representative body of 90 schools in Ireland that are run according to the Educate Together Charter. Educate Together schools aim to ensure equality of access and esteem to all children and young people; are learner centred and are run as participatory democracies. The core activities of Educate Together are:

  1. Opening equality-based primary and second level schools to provide choice in the denominationally dominated Irish Education system
  2. Supporting schools to deliver learner-centered democratic education, through leadership and governance support and curriculum support and development
  3. Developing Ethical Education in the Irish Education system, through curriculum development and continuous professional development for teachers.

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The University of Ljubljana was established in 1919 and now was over 42,000 students. The Faculty of Theology is the leading the universities role in the LITTLE project and has strong connections with other institutions in the field of ethics education and inclusive education.
The Faculty has been the lead partner in previous large-scale international projects in the field of ethical education; these projects are the precursor to the LITTLE project, namely ETHOS: Ethical Education primary and pre-primary schools (Comenius) and the ETHIKA Ethics and values education schools and kindergartens (Erasmus+).

Petit Philosophy, Croatia

Since 2008 Petit Philosophy, a not-for-profit NGO, has been developing experimental programmes for developing critical thinking in elementary school and in formal and informal education.
Petit Philosophy works with a range of target groups from children as young as three years to senior citizens and provides education opportunities for teachers around the topics of developing critical thinking and philosophy for children and has an extensive network of teachers interested in Ethical Education.

STePS, Italy

STePS is an Italian company of experts with a depth and breath of experience in co-ordinating and participating in European projects and programmes. The organisation works nationally and internationally to promote educational research, reflection and rethinking of traditional learning approaches to enable personal growth as well as inclusive and sustainable change.
STePS has extensive experience in educational projects that foster a pluralistic, democratic and sustainable community. STePS regularly promotes and participates in projects for teachers and educational professionals development and is connected with international school networks.

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