Multiplier Event in Croatia took place in three different counties as a part of annual County Teachers' Meeting organized by national Education and Teacher Training Agency.
From 8th to 10th of January 2018, teachers from Zadar, Šibenik and Split were introduced to project LITTLE and his objectives.
Petit Philosophy team also presented online course on methodologies for Ethical Education and in a form of the workshop, teachers were able to experience couple of activities, which are part of online course.
Teachers welcomed online course with excitement as they stated the fact that they are often missing concrete methodologies for Ethical Education.

The first LITTLE multiplier event in Ireland took take place on 24th and 25th November in Dublin. Each year lead partner organisation, Educate Together organises a conference around a theme related to Ethical Education. The theme in 2017 was Gender Equality and one of the workshops was led by project coordinator, Sandra Irwin-Gowran. The title of the workshop was “When gender creates controversy: Classroom Strategies in/for Ethical Education”. The workshop addressed difficult or controversial issues that arise in the context of gender and gender equality and focused on how a teacher can manage controversial issues through creative and critical thinking and other strategies. The newly launched online course on methodologies for Ethical Education was demonstrated during the workshop.
Please, download here a copy of the Powerpoint presentation (20 MB file).
See the conference brochure for all the details.

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